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Many people travel with their pets to Fort Carson and Colorado Springs.  All dogs residing in Colorado Springs, El Paso County (resolution areas), Fountain, Monument, and the City and County of Pueblo must be licensed. All cats residing in Colorado Springs, and the City and County of Pueblo must be licensed. Cat licensing in other jurisdictions is strongly recommended.

Licensing enables animal law enforcement officers to return your missing pet to you quickly, and tells strangers your pet is not a stray and has a family. And licensing helps protect public safety and the welfare of pets in our community. 

If you need to update a pet license due to the transfer or loss of a pet please call 719-302-8727 or email licensing@hsppr.org.

Colorado Springs Humane Society


Fort Carson Housing:

All cats and dots must be registered at the Fort CarsonVTF within ten (10) working days of arrival on Fort Carson and must adhere to the post petchipping policy. You can reach the Vet Clinic at 719-524-4115.

All pets must be kept current with vaccinations, testig and/or treatments.  All dogs and cats must wear their current rabies vaccination tag on their collar or harness.

Read all rules here.

The Colorado Springs Humane Society no longer provided rescue and shelter services for pets abandoned or relinqued on post.  Land of AHS in Fountain, Colorado accepts resuced animals at their facility.  If pets are not claimed in five days the pets are available for adoption or taken to other rescue centers.

www.landofahskennel.com or call 719-382-1126.